Residential Design and Build

Residential Design-Build

  • THS Residential Design Build
  • THS Residential Design Build
  • THS Residential Design Build
  • THS Residential Design Build
  • THS Residential Design Build

Design-Build integrates the planning of your home with the construction process. Many owners start with an architect's drawings but some prefer to begin with their own ideas and allow the builder to create their dream home.

THS Construction will work with you to chart your course on building the perfect home. We'll make you aware of new technologies and construction methods that may literally open new doors for you.

Why Design-Build my new home?

Is Design-Build a new concept?

Design-Build puts responsibility for the design, planning and construction of your new home with THS Construction. That means one number to call and no finger pointing.

Choosing your new home through books of designs can be a daunting process full of compromises. And architects provide a great service and imagination. But if you have a good idea of what you want THS can translate that into a state of the art design that not only fits your budget but will be built by the same team.

One call - THS Construction.

The Design-Build concept dates back many centuries. In the past buildings were constructed by their designers who were responsible for all phases of the project. That changed over the last century as designers and builders fell into two groups for many reasons, both philosophically and politically.

However, the last twenty years have seen the re-introduction of Design-Build for projects of all sizes. The advantage for the homeowner is the streamlining of the process and unification of the entire construction pipeline - from room sizes to fixtures and paint color - the homeowner works directly with the company responsible for your satisfaction with your new home.

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